For Students

“Taste of Dialogue” Workshops

Designed around a 1-2 hour time frame, our “Taste of Dialogue” workshops focus on topics such as social identity, intercultural communication, active listening, conflict resolution, micro-aggressions , inter/intra-group conflict and more!. 

Each workshop is designed with specific outcomes in mind, including: increasing participants’ awareness and understanding of their own and another’s diverse social identities or experiences, enhancing communication and conflict resolution skills, providing tools and resources to build inter-personal/group dynamics while cultivating a culture of respect and inclusivity through a “taste” of an Intergroup dialogue experience.

Intergroup Dialogue Courses

Structured as small group dialogues, IGD seminars offer students the opportunity to enroll in a 10 week intergroup dialogue for academic credit. The seminar courses combine experiential learning, readings, and dialogic discussions to explore issues of social identity, intergroup conflict, social action, and alliance building. Dialogue topics include: Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Sexual Orientation, Nationality/Immigration Status, Class/Social Economic Status (SES), Religion/ Spirituality, and more! Each seminar is facilitated by students trained in IGD facilitation. 

For the list of courses, please click here.

Participate in Dialogue Events

Please join us at any of our open events! Refer to our calendar for more information.


If you would like to schedule an event, please email us at or use the link found here.