Structured as small group dialogues, IGD seminars offer students the opportunity to enroll in a 10 week intergroup dialogue for academic credit. The seminar courses combine experiential learning, readings, and dialogic discussions to explore issues of social identity, intergroup conflict, social action, and alliance building. Dialogue topics include: Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Sexual Orientation, Nationality/Immigration Status, Class/Social Economic Status (SES), Religion/ Spirituality, and more! Each seminar is facilitated by students trained in IGD facilitation. 

IGD seminars are offered through a partnership between IGR and faculty member, Dr. Sylvia Hurtado, Graduate School of Education & Information Science (GSEIS)

EDUC 191A/263 Intergroup Dialogue

EDUC 191A/263 Intergroup Dialogue- is a 2-credit course offering UCLA students a space to dialogue and learn about issues of difference and intercultural conflict. 

Possessing skills and experience in intercultural communication and managing conflict can often make UCLA graduates highly valued and marketable after college as companies and graduate programs seek to address the needs of an increasingly diverse, global workforce and society. 

Enrollment- IGD course seminars are offered during spring quarter. Check UCLA course catalog for additional course details and enrollment procedures.

EDUC C160 Theory of Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation Training

EDUC C160 Theory of Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation Training- is an intensive, 4-credit training course designed to prepare students to co-facilitate their own EDUC 191A (ED 263 for grad students) dialogue course. Facilitators must make a minimum of a two-quarter commitment to IGD: one quarter for training and another quarter to facilitate a dialogue (any time prior to graduation). 

Facilitating a dialogue is a challenging task, but can also be a deeply rewarding personal and professional process. Facilitators carry students through a unique learning experience, and develop many rare and valuable skills that make them highly competitive applicants for graduate school and potential career pathways. 

Enrollment - IGD course seminars are offered during winter quarter. Check UCLA course catalogue for additional course details and enrollment procedures.

EDUC 263 IGD Practicum

EDUC 263 IGD Practicum – is a 4-credit course that all peer facilitators enroll in during the quarter in which they are facilitating a dialogue seminar.

Enrollment - Pre-requisite: EDUC C 160. Check UCLA’s course catalogue for additional course details and enrollment procedures.